Artemis Fowl:Eternity Code

Book by Eoon Colfer

The Situation

Artemis is out to get his share of money, again. But that's only natural for a Fowl, after all, there motto is Gold is Power. This time, he has no intention of kidnapping underground police officers, instead, he plans to use some of the stolen technology from Haven and blackmail Jon Spiro, a wealthy CEO with mafia ties to pay him to hold back the release of his C Cube.

Nothing Ever Goes According To Plan

Of coarse in order to have a story, something has to go wrong, and it does. Turns out the whole meeting was a set up by Jon Spiro, and everybody in the entire restauraunt is working for him. He steals the C Cube from Artemis, and flees to the comfort of his home, leaving Arno Blunt to finish the job, and that is kill Artemis Fowl and his mammoth of a body guard Butler...

Main Characters


Good Read

This book was an incredible read, just as the previous two books. It really showed more so the development of Artemis as opposed to his lust for gold, but Colfer still managed to show his talents as a boy genius. I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a sci-fiction book, but make sure you read the first two.