First Grade Mathematics

Learning math is easy if you have some fun with it!

Numbers and Operations in base ten for First Graders

Learning how to count to 120 and understanding place value is going to be fun. All you need is your thinking cap and you will be able to understand this lesson. You will see how fun math is if you spend a little time with me while we learn this section. If you look below you will find details on what this section will be about, as well as fun videos about this lesson.

Number and Operations in base ten/ Benchmarks MAFS.1.NBT.1.1 , MAFS.1.NBT.2.2

  • This lesson you will learn how to count to 120 and write numerals and represent each number with objects. For example you will write the number 20 like "TWENTY" and use pencils to illustrate the number 20.
  • Once you have learned how to count to 120, you will be able to learn and understand two digits numbers. You will learn what tens and ones are and how to describe where the single number belongs on a ten and ones chart. For example, the number 12, you will learn that 1 is in the tens and the 2 is in the ones. You will be able to demonstrate this using blocks to illustrate tens and ones.
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Place Value - Tens and Ones
Common Core State Standards 1.NBT.1
place value math song: ones, tens, hundreds
Teacher Tipster (Place Value Song)