Ayn Rand

Who was Ayn Rand?

Ayn Rand 1905-1982

Ayn Rand was a novelist who was born in Russia. She wrote the books Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. She wrote about her philosophy, Objectivism. Her experiences affected the way she wrote and thought about the world.

Important Events in her life

Early Life

Born on January 20th, 1905, in St. Petersburg

Taught herself how to read at age six

Reads the Mysterious Valley

Discovered that she wanted to be a writer at an early age

Witnessed first shots of February revolution

Discovers the work of Victor Hugo to escape the civil war

She moves around Europe (Ukraine, then Crimea)

Reads Aristotle's work during high school

Graduates from Yevpatoria High School in 1924

Returns to Petograd, attends the university there

Enrolls in state Techicum for screen arts 1924

After College

She marries Frank O' Connor, and shortly after becomes an American citizen

Publishes Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, along with doing many other writing projects/screenplays/jobs.

She receives an honorary doctorate from Lewis and Clark University

After giving a few final lectures, completing the last page of "Atlas Shrugged" teleplay and publishing Introduction to Objectivism Epistemology, she dies on March 6th, 1982

Her Philosophy



Everything is set in stone by facts, and not by one's wishes or desires.


Someone can achieve certainty by using reason- logic, sense-perception and concepts. It guides a person to the path of successful action, and gaining knowledge.


Instead of someone's life being owned by the nation, family or state, that person belongs to themselves, alone. Interacting with other people is simply a trading of moments and memories between people.


Protecting an individual's right to form new ideas and being successful in one's own effort should not be limited.

My imput

I think that her philosophy on how people should live is a little selfish. I agree with how we should take care of ourselves, however I think that only worrying about self-gain is too single minded. I am the type of person to worry about others excessively, so only worrying about myself is an extreme

It could be controversial to some people because there are many different ideas that people would not normally think about. Worrying about themselves only, thinking of self gain constantly and using facts alone can be a little weird to other people.