Useful Media

It's not all good, but it's not useless

What I think it means

Media is used as a form of entertainment as well as a learning tool. It is used to connect millions of people around the world as well as inform many people about the world they live in. A lot of people think of media as just being news or television but its online networking, books, politics, movies, advertisements, social media, games, magazines, and even businesses make money off of the media. Media literacy is a persons knowledge of what media is and how it relates to them in the world. When someone is media literate, it means that they have access to and know how to use or view the different kinds of media. A person is media illiterate when they use the media improperly or in a way that is destructive, such as starting online fights or unnecessarily slandering a person or company. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but the media is, in theory, a way to help companies or people connect and thrive online, instead of breaking people apart. The media is also supposed to be used with peoples everyday lives and not in place of their lives, like some people game and talk only online instead of going out and meeting real-life friends. Being media illiterate is when you let the media drive a wedge between you and your everyday life. Just like being literate, media literacy also applies to what you know about the media.

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)

Axe "Make Love Not War"

Axe, the manufacturer behind the cologne that gags many a person inside a men's locker room or boys bedroom, summarizes in a short commercial that the world can come together and love one another instead of fighting each other. Axe achieves its goal by illustrating different cultures seemingly preparing for war against one another, but coming together peacefully in the name of love. The company’s purpose is to convince people that instead of fighting each other, they should focus on loving one another, either within their own race or otherwise, in order to make the world better for the people and happier for everyone. The company conveys this message in an uplifting or touching tone for the men of every race.
Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes - Fall Out Boy (Lyrics)

The Disloyal Order Following Big Brother

The song "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes" by Fall Out Boy, if listened to after reading 1984 by George Orwell, can be taken as a great theme song for the novel. This song says a lot of great things that can be tied into the novel 1984. One line of the song states "I'm a loose bolt of a complete machine". This line can relate to the many people that believe that they will commit a crime to the party, whether they have consciously tried to or not, just like Parsons who was arrested for talking in his sleep. After this line comes “What a match, I am half doomed and you’re semi-sweet”. A couple lines of this song can apply to Winston's relationship with Julia. This one applies when he asks why she is attracted to him even though she is 10-15 years younger than him. He also says that he has joint pains, varicose veins, and false teeth. That describes half-doomed (because he feels physically unattractive) and semi-sweet would be Julia’s young age and free-spirited nature. Another line would be “Little girl, you got me staring odd”, which can be the different ways Winston see’s Julia throughout the novel. At first, he hates her because he thinks she is part of the Junior Anti-sex league, but as the novel progresses he find that he loves her. The line “So boycott love” can be obviously tied to the party and the way they do not want anyone to love who they want to or who they feel attracted to. “And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life”; this line describes the many people “interrogated” by the party, and how they will say anything, even confess to things that aren't true, just to save their lives.

Graham crackers to finish this s'more

During my time in this class, my personal opinion of what media illiteracy is has changed. I said before to be media illiterate is to be destructive online and to slander people or companies, and that media is only supposed used to help businesses and people. I found this was not always the case. In all types of media there are people that go around and put lies or other facts out to hurt a business or person, but this doesn't mean they are media illiterate, they are just using the media for personal gain. People are media illiterate when they don't know about or just don't know how to use media to their advantage. My general understanding of media has also deepened. Whenever I go to watch commercials or read any article online I find myself in the back of my head analyzing why this commercial was made, who it was for and if there's underlying messages; the same goes for online articles. I've learned that knowing how to read and understand something isn't enough in the real world. Analyzing work or articles, pretty much everything, is necessary, and now it’s starting to be a habit. This class was a lot different than all the other language arts classes I've taken in my entire life because for once everything wasn't focused on grammar and vocabulary and reading. It was more about understanding and analyzing what's being read and how to become better smarter writers and individuals moving into the real world so we won't be as susceptible to things that are in the media. If I was teaching this class next year, I wouldn't change anything because honestly this class has given me tools to use throughout life. There’s nothing wrong with the way the class is now, and from what my friend in New York has told me about his senior language arts class, its a lot more fun as well.