Friday's Thoughts

December 2, 2016

An Amazing Gift from Academy

Matt has a close contact with Academy Sports and has been working with them to get some bicycles for our school. We wanted to have bicycles here that teachers can sign up to use and take their kids out to ride during the day for recess or for an extra treat. He was able to get us 30 bicycles and helmets. Thank you Matt!

Academy will be here Monday morning to present the bicycles to our school. We are going to have K4-2nd grades be a part of this presentation since we cannot fit all of our students in one space. We will have bicycle racks and a system for sign up soon. We are so excited that our children will have these bicycles here at school. The presentation will begin around 8:30 Monday morning in the cafeteria. We will call K4-2nd grade classes down when we are ready. Thank you again Matt for all of your hard work in making this magic happen!

Faculty Meeting Tuesday

Our faculty meeting Tuesday will focus on planning for the first day students return after Christmas. We would like for January 3rd to be a Happy New Year Celebration. We want our classes, students, and you to set New Year's resolutions on that day and goals for the remainder of the year. We will plan for Jan. 3rd during our faculty meeting Tuesday. If you have ideas on how to make this day a grand Happy New Year's celebration day in your classrooms, be ready to share! We will meet in the second computer lab.

Mr. Terry's Retirement

Mr. Terry's last day with us will be December 16th. We will have a reception for him December 12th at 3:15. The school will give him a gift card, and we will have cake and punch. We are working on having our kids write him notes and creating class books to give him on the 12th. Please mark your calendars!

RTI Meetings

Please check the RTI calendar. The next RTI meetings are December 13th. If you are scheduled to meet on one of your students, please bring a running record, a writing sample, and any other work sample that you feel will help the team come up with additional ideas to help the student. Let me know if you have questions.

House Council

We will have a house council meeting on December 9th at 8:30 in the cafeteria.

Christmas Party

Our faculty Christmas surprise is tentatively set for December 12th during the school day. We are going to have an additional activity after school for those of you that can go. If you would like to go, please sign up in the conference room. We are planning on leaving around 4:30 and returning around 6:45 on the 12th.


Please make sure you have a roster and a copy of your schedule on your desk for substitutes to go by in the event that you are out. This will also help in the event of an emergency. Also, as we move into cold and flu season, make sure you have sub plans ready should you have to be out at the last minute.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I cannot even begin to thank you enough for helping with our copier costs. Our copy bill has been cut in half each month. Thank you!

Please continue to be selective in what you copy. I am watching your accounts and will add money as needed. Again, thank you so much!

Lunchroom Trays

Thank you for helping us in the lunchroom with trays. Having your students dump their own trays will free up our custodians to make sure the tables are cleaned properly. Please also have your kids check the coat rack when they go in the cafeteria next week. I want to get as many coats home as possible. Thank you!


Please move the the 3's and 4's as you ask students their multiplication tables. Don't forget! If we all do this, our kids will master their tables. :-)

Colt's Customs

We are going to have our students focus on the following Colt's Customs next week:

#13 Find solutions, don't make excuses.

# 15 Do not whine or complain.

These two customs go hand in hand with our Grit initiative.

United Way

If you are planning on contributing to United Way, please do so by Thursday, Dec. 8th. The money is due to the district office Friday, Dec. 9th.

3rd Grade

Please plan to meet with me and Matt Briefly Tuesday during planning to look at the 3rd grade writing plan.

Happy Two Weeks until Christmas Break!

Grit Recess

We will begin Grit recess Monday. If you have students that show Grit, please send them to the blue benches at 10:00 and 1:30. If they grit before 10:00, they will come at 10:00. If they grit after 10, they should come at 1:30. We are so proud of our gritty students!

Last Day for Goal Post is Dec. 13th. The first day back is Jan. 11th.

Please put this in your newsletters. :-)