4/5 G Garden- Kitchen Class

Term1 Week 11

Wednesday 6.4.16 - Garden

This week was all about organic gardening and the importance of composting and worm farms. We started the group off with harvesting various herbs, tomatoes, potatoes and banana's for the cooking class.

Then the ladybird group discussed the importance of composting and what things can be added to the compost. We had a look at the waste bin compost and added some more carbon materials, as mainly all food scraps were inside. As we went we discussed the importance of layering the compost, so it doesn't go all smelly.

Then the group split into smaller groups. One group collected some more dried banna grass for the compost, another group did some pruning of the over grown path ways and the last group help build a no dig garden under the frangapeni tree, which had been cleared at the working bee on the weekend. All students worked well at their allocated jobs, showing great team work and cooperation.

The second group, the bee group also had a group discussion about composting. They then helped finish the no dig garden and planted some new seedlings in the new bed. It was great to see them following all the steps and caring for the plants, watering and labelling them as they went. This group also had fun pruning, cutting up the banana trees and picking more cherry tomatoes.

Thank you to our two helpers Donna Thomson and Angela. Your help in the garden was greatly appreciated.


Today we made pita stuffed with spiced potato and herbs and banana smoothies using fresh vegetables and fruit from our garden. The students took turns at cutting up the vegetables, mixing the dough and then assembling everything together. They had to measure out all the ingredients for the smoothies and them blend them all up.

Best part was trying their pita creations and smoothies outside under the mulberry trees with their friends. It was a great way to end the the garden kitchen session.