Vietnam War Aftermath

Courtney Burkhard & Ashlynn McDonald

interesting facts

Symptoms of PTSD:

Re-experiencing: spontaneous memories, recurrent dreams, flashbacks, etc..

Avoidance: Disstressing thoughts, memories, feelings, or external reminders of that event

Negative Cognitions/ Mood: Sense of blame towards ones self. not interested in activities, inability to remember key aspects of specific event

Arousal: Aggressive/ reckless behavior, sleep disturbances, hyper vigilence

What were the effects (physically and emotionally) of the soldiers, women, families, and Vietnam citizens after the war?

  • hinders their future achievements
  • loud noises remind them of bombings and gun shots from war
  • after war they war, helpless, worthless, dejection, anger, depression, insomnia, a tendency to react to tense situation by using serval tactics.
  • loss of identify
  • guilty, like they were a bad person