Nikola Tesla


Nikola Tesla is known today to be one of historys greatest inventers.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856 in Simijan Croatia and died January 7, 1943 New York he died by coronary thrombosis (heart attack) and he almost lived 100


when Nikola Tesla was 7 his brother died it was upsetting him but he kept going and he made it thruw as a inventer

what he invented

Did you know Nikola invented the Neon light and the remote control also the Tesla coil of course, x-rays, radio,

Things i bet you dont know about Nikola Tesla

1:He was born during a lightning storm he was born 1856 and died 1943

2:He had a photographic memory, after his brother died he claimed he had a photographic memory.

3:He rarely slept, he slept 2 hours a night

4:He was really funny, he wrote a letter to Mrs. Johnson saying she will have cockroaches in her soup.

5)He developed the idea for the smart phone technology, he didnt invent it but he thought of the idea.

6)He shook the poop out of Mark Twain, he made

7)He had a fear of germs

8)Pearls drove him crazy

9) His brother died when Nikola was 7

where he was educated

Nikolas education was at Graz University of Technology, witch he dropped out of he was a engineer