Monster Energy Supercross

By Andrew Tobias

Monster Energy Supercross

Monster Energy Supercross is my favorite sport to watch. We go every year to the Indianapolis supercross and it's awesome. In Monster Energy Supercross all the best riders come and race, so it is really something to see. I especially love to watch on TV the Monster Energy Cup because not only are the pros racing, kids my age are too! I love Monster Energy Supercross

Indianapolis Supercross

Indianapolis is usually the 6th round of the supercross season. The great part about the Indianapolis supercross is that my family and I go to it every year! Every year we get the best seats. My dad and I usually go into the pits and get to meet all the riders! It is so much fun, except for it's usually twenty degrees and snowing or raining. It is my most favorite race of the supercross season though. One year when I a cub scout my friends and I got to walk the track! It was super fun. Indianapolis is my favorite.


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