Ben Franklin

Do you know Ben Franklin? The guy from the Revolutionary War. If you don't I'll tell you about him.

Growing Up

On January 17 ,1706 a boy named Ben Franklin was born. As a young boy Ben liked to swim ,and he enjoyed reading. He lived with his mom, dad, and 15 siblings. (Imagine having that many siblings.) For being a smart guy Ben Franklin didn't go to school often. He started school when he was 8 and stopped when he was 10. After Ben's short time at school, he worked as an assistant at his brother's print shop. When he was 17 he ran away from home, because he didn't want to work for his brother.


Ben Franklin became a scientist, diplomat, writer, and printer. (What a busy guy!) He opened his own print shop and married Deborah Read. He was a Founding Father of America, and he traveled to France to ask for assistance in the Revolutionary War. He invented the Franklin Stove, glass harmonica, ladder chair, lightning rod, and proved lightning is electricity.

Fun Facts

Ben Franklin loved jokes, and he wasn't aloud to right the Declaration of Independence because everyone was worried he'd write a joke in it. He wrote an Almanac. His nickname was Richard Saunders.