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If you call one wolf, you invite the pack.

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PDAS windows are a'opening!

You should hear from your appraiser in the next week to start getting these appraisals scheduled and executed. Thanks to Branch at Dodd for this oh so timely meme!

Whitt Shirts

Sample sizes, an example, and the form are all in the conference room. Thanks Kristin for getting that squared away!


All caps! I said that in ALL CAPS! :)

The food committee has met and we have a SOLID plan to bring back food days.

Some the beginning of the year i had more than one staff member tell me that this was something they wanted to see brought back. On our 3-2-1, it was listed again people wanted to see come back. We put together a committee.

Each team is on the below chart, twice. Each grade level is partnered with someone else on the campus. You'l have TWO dates throughout the year that you'll be responsible for the "food days". One time you'll be responsible for the MAIN course, one time you'll be responsible for the sides. For example, the office has November, so, we'll be bringing all the different meats, all 7 of us. 2nd grade would then have to bring a bunch of Thanksgiving-y different sides. The next time we have soups and salads, and so 2nd grade will bring different salads and we'll will bring different soups.

Make sense? Your grade level food person can explain it in more depth, but I AM SO EXCITED! This is part of being a family...and #weaarewhitt...we can do this!!

Our own WWE...get it?? (cute title, Sarah Filip!!)

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Add to your schedule...

a Wolf Howl on October 23rd. This will be short and sweet. We'll recognize some kids with Kuleana from each class. More details to come!

a techno tip for the week!

It's Connected Educator Month! October is one of my favorite months of the year. Football, fall, connected educators...ALL GOOD THINGS!

Educators are models of learning for kids. As educators' learning shifts from the "sit and get" model to the collaboration (connected) model, that shift hopefully transfers to their teaching as well. If an educator controls his or her learning through self-direction, that learning becomes more meaningful. Authentic self-directed learning becomes self-motivating. That does more than translate to a better-educated educator -- it also creates a teacher advocate for collaborative learning.

For your October Tech Ninja Challenge, complete a Connected Educator BINGO for an entry to possibly win a TCEA trip, courtesy of Mrs. Heller and Mrs. Hattaway. These are all easy things that you can do at your leisure this month. Find a bingo that works for you & and turn it into me!

First, read this post!

Then, complete a bingo here!

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Patty's Pontifications

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Shannon Soudress October 10

Calendar Comings

Oct 5: No school! Get a Fletcher's corn dog!

Oct 6: (lesson learned! Jeans for a Cowboys win!!) UIL practice, new Whitt T's meet in library at 2:45

Oct 7:

Oct 8: WOW Chorale

Oct 9: Bully Prevention program