What Are Eggs Used For?

Eggs are used for many different things here are some examples.

Emulsifier- When you combine liquids that do not ordinarily mix, this is used in bread.

Foam- Eggs foams are used to get air into the ingredient, this is used in meringue.

Thickener- Helps the ingredient thickens, this is used in cakes and pastrys.

Binding Agent- Holds the ingredient together, this is used in frozen desserts.

Interfering Agent- Helps the dessert stay creamy, it is used in frozen desserts.

Structure Agent- Forms the product, mostly used for pastry products.

Nutrient Additive- Adds nutrients to the product, you can use it in cakes.

Flavoring Additive- Adds flavoring, Also used in cakes.

Coloring Additive- Adds Color, used in pastrys.