Tribal Tribune

January 23, 2015

It is FRIDAY!!

As we begin to close out our first month of 2015 I have to say I am pleased with how we all have responded to the weather and adjustments to our schedules. This week we finally got to put a full week together and return to "normal." As this winter drags on I want to encourage each of you to continue to remind yourself why you are here and why you chose education.

Now that we have finally put a full week together I wanted to give you a heads up that Mr. Adams and I will be around in the coming weeks to work on our short observations. Obviously, we will drop in from time to time still but we are going to work hard to complete your RISE evaluations by spring break.

As always, thank you for giving so much to the students here at Union City Jr/Sr High School.

UC Students TEAM Up with the Muncie Mission

On Saturday January 17th after wrestling concluded at the Randolph County Wrestling Tournament the Union City wrestling team had a mission. The team returned from the meet at 2:00 P.M. They had until 3:15 to regroup and meet up again at the Wesley United Methodist Church. From the church parking lot they left with several adults and youth from the church. They were headed to the Muncie Mission. The Muncie Mission is a residency for homeless men. The goal for the evening was to serve the residents of the mission their evening meal. On a typical day at the mission the residents prepare and serve their own meals but tonight they were going to be treated. Several adults along with one student (Ellie Kerns) went over to the mission at noon to start preparing the home cooked meal. When we arrived at 4:45 P.M. the youth went into work mode and started getting things done. They immediately started setting the tables. When the residents were let into the cafeteria area they were seated at the tables. They were informed that they were to do nothing tonight. The youth were there to serve them. After the prayer the youth then started serving the meals to the residents. When all of the residents were served the kids got their plates and sat at the tables to interact with the men. The men and youth were not shy or awkward at all. They started sharing stories about wrestling and football. The faces in the room lit up, both the men and the students. The students all had different jobs. They did the dishes, served the food and cleaned up everything. After the meal was done the youth and the men listened to a quick message. Then the fun began. The men were divided into six groups. They were assigned to a table. The youth were also assigned to tables. They played minute to win it type games. Both the men and the youth really got into the games. They were keeping track of records and times at each table. After the games were done we figured out who had the best score at each event. Everyone sat down and we announced the winners. The men were cheering and having a blast like they had won a huge prize. We did give away some shirts and candy bars to everyone. This night was such a blessing to all of us that went. It was so amazing to see our students step up. At the end of the night one of the men came up and said that he had the worst day of his life at work that day and that when he walked in to the dinner area we had turned his day around.

Students that attended:

Ellie Kerns

Jordan Stuckey

Reagan Hoggatt

Taylor Moore

Justin Fields

Jesus Ulloa

Isaiah Green

Quinton Henry

Mikayla Green

Tevin Marshal

Emily Mathews

Keaton Collins

Rawlin Mills

Brandon Grow

Emily Cline

Hunter Reagan

Jeff Cline

Braden Wisner

Lucas Suerdieck

Maia Wisner

Zach Mahaffa

Hayden Downey

Professional Development

Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 3:30pm

Mrs. Wambo's Room (Room 104)

We will be meeting in Mrs. Wambo's room where the English Department will be leading the first of a series in writing best practices. This week we will be discussing timed writings, and pre-writing expectations.

January Birthdays

Amy Smith 2nd

Cathy Mills 9th

Gianna Pollitt 24th

Mike Thornburg 26th

Blake Clevenger 30th