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St. Elizabeth's Monthly E-Newsletter

From the Principal's Desk

Recently, 10 staff members attended a Google Summit weekend. This two-day high-intensity event focused on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education (and other Google tools) to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. Teachers are excited to share their new found skills with our tech savvy learners.

Celebrating Catholic Education!

Catholic Education Week will be celebrated during the week of May 1-6. Through daily prayers, reflections and classroom activities, we will celebrate the gifts enjoyed as a Catholic school community.

Catholic Virtue for May: Compassion "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

Special Visitors!

Mr. Grant's office was flooded with proud Grade 3 students. They popped into his office in order to share their successfully completed written responses for EQAO style literacy questions. Mrs. Zappitelli and Mr. Grant congratulated them for their hard work and effort.

Eco School Update

Congratulations to everyone who diverted used batteries from the landfill. Over 9,000 batteries were recycled during our used battery challenge. The top 3 classes will enjoy a pizza lunch.

Students will participate in a chalk walk on May 20th in order to inspire neighbours to "go green".

Student Submission featuring Justin Glisinski

Today we had a Thunder Bay Hydro Presentation. They talked about electricity and how it’s made. It is made by water, windmills and generators. We dressed up my friend Alex, in gear that you have to use to be safe when using electricity. We looked at a diagram of people who were in dangerous situations. One of the people were flying their kite right into telephone wires. Another guy was cutting down tree branches from his tree and then they hit the wires and he got electrocuted. They told us that before we dig in our yard or cut any trees down, we need to call Thunder Bay Hydro. I enjoyed the presentation because it taught me a lot like how to be safe.
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Bullying Prevention Thought : "Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right." - Theodore Roosevelt

Student Submission featuring Jacob Abbott, Grade 3

We went to the CLE for the Pizza Project. At one station, we met dairy farmers and we saw their cows. We saw how they milk them. At another station, we saw how cheese is made and we got to taste it. At another station, we planted a tomato plant. We also learned that some people were afraid of tomatoes a long time ago. At one station, we saw how to make sausage. We saw that they cased it in pig intestine. I had a lot of fun at the pizza project. At the end, I got to take home a tomato plant and we got to eat a slice of pizza!
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EQAO Testing this Month!

Grade 3 Students will participate in provincial math and literacy testing from May 25th - 31st. Grade six students will write from June 1st - 8th.

A Visit by the Ecobus!

The Ecobus is a mobile environmental and renewable energy education center located on a fully modified school bus! This mobile classroom showcases the use of waste vegetable oil as fuel, as well as solar and wind energy. Travelling from community to community, this bus offers unique environmental and renewable energy programs, and on site field trips, to schools, community groups, teachers and the general public.

Six of our classes were able to jump on board the bus and learn how to reduce our ecological footprint.

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