Educating Teachers

Learning to teach in a changing world

Teachers Need Continued Education

The field of education is ever-changing, striving to meet the needs of students in a still forming world. Before teachers can use new techniques, they need to become students themselves, learning as their students learn and understanding from both perspectives. This continued education can come from small localized training in using new equipment, seminar training, or college classes, either working towards higher degrees or simply as individual courses. When teachers remain students, their knowledge grows continuously, allowing them to always have more for their students.

Meeting the Educational Needs of Teachers

With the importance of continued education for teachers, it cannot be ignored. The cost of continued education, combined with need for teachers to schedule their time can act as a deterrent. School boards, parents and government agencies can help by allotting funds for use in continuous training of teachers. With this assistance, learning becomes easier for all, the teachers and the students who benefit from their greater knowledge.

Filling the Teacher's Toolbox

Educating teachers in many forms of education

No two students are alike, just as no two teachers are alike. Teachers cannot rely on one technique to teach all students and expect all students to process the information in an identical fashion. Instead of sticking with one technique for an entire classroom, and expecting all students to conform, continued education allows the teachers to learn new ways to reach students. The more options a teacher has learned, the more tools they have for teaching and the more students they can reach. By filling their educational toolbox, they will have the tool needed to reach all students.