Great Depression

Black Tuesday

it was a day that changed america forever, the owner bought all of the money in the bank and a lot, and i mean a lot of people wanted money. But, there was no money

causes of the economic collapse of the 1930's

Industries struggled half of people, lost their jobs because they were poor

Consumers having less money, banks went under and if they couldn't get money the were screwed

farming problems, had to face with the dust bowl

living on credit, all they had was credit and they could only buy certain things

uneven distribution of income, they could only distribute things that were part of income

it effected the u.s. because they needed food and that kind of stuff but the banks were bankrupt and it was just a sad time In the 1930's

the street corners of new York city are crowded with apple-sellers , nearly 6,000 people selling apples for 5 cents apiece