Principal's Corner #6

September 13, 2019

Our staff can really ROAR

  • To Chris, Katie H., Dana, Stacey, Lori and Melissa, thank you for all the hard work, thought and time you have given to create systems, structures and supports to help maintain our PBIS efforts during recess and lunch. And thank you for supervising those hours in our day...we are lucky to have you!

From Erin Wehrle

  • To Michele, Caroline, Shana, Hannah, thank you for being the best team ever! The start of a new school year can always be tricky with a brand new team and you all have made it so easy!

From Nicole Hargreaves

  • To Megan McDermott, Thank you for everything you do behind the scenes to support our kids. There are so many little things you do every day that make a big difference.

From Allison Leggieri

  • To Chris Koerber, Thank you for taking the time to clean up and fix up the shed. You pumped up the balls and organized everything. You also secured the "falling down shelves." It is greatly appreciated and much safer. You're awesome!

From Lori Matsumoto

  • To Debi Christensen for pushing into classrooms during grade level intervention times when she was subbing for intervention to help complete PALS testing, Sight Word Testing and watch classes so that teachers could complete IRLA testing. She also helped organize the K/1 bookroom to match IRLA levels. She goes above and beyond the duties of a sub and her help was so appreciated!

From the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Teams

  • To Royce, Darren D, Megan, and Alison for attending the Sister School half day. I wish I could have been there with you; but appreciate you taking time from your day to support our PLCs.
  • To Kori for her tremendous support this week. You have a big heart for supporting kids and teachers; we are lucky to have you.
  • To Kristina for helping bring the math cohort to COT; I look forward to learning from you all and seeing the progress.
  • To Mandy for all her dedication to our students and community. Again, we were the "Top in Colorado" for the Kids Heart Challenge last year. Way to go COT! We couldn't have done it without you.
  • To Joan and Melissa for helping me navigate this week. From pushing the caring cart around for me, refilling my coffee, to giving me a hug when I needed it most - I thank you.
  • To Kameron and Sarah for all of their dedication and commitment to working with our staff and families. I appreciate everything you've done to support our GT programing at COT.
  • To Glenda, Sally, Lois and Alison for working collaboratively to schedule intervention with intention and heart.
  • To Scott for helping schedule our fall balloon launch. It's going to be a great experience for our community.

From Katie Johnson

Cottonwood Creek ES New and Improved Website

Check it out. If there is something you'd like me to add, please email me.

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Literacy Notes from Lois

The progression of IRLA:

  • Initial student leveling should be complete and entered in School Pace.
  • Power goals are being created and entered in School Pace.
  • Progress monitoring/conferring is happening or will begin to happen. Notes and/or evidence will be entered in School Pace.

What is considered a conference? This is a common question as we are meeting with students in guided reading groups, strategy groups, skill groups, book study groups and one on one conferring.

The information above, as well as the literacy presentation from the staff meeting (9/4/19), has been added to the Cottonwood Team Drive in the IRLA Resources folder.

We are ready to begin adding IRLA levels to the books in the Collaboration Room. As the levels are added, books that are no longer relevant to our student’s needs will be purged. Please stop by the Collaboration Room (131) at your convenience on Thursday, 9/19/19, to help in the process of purging or to look through the purged books.

If you have any DRA materials that you would like recycled, please bring them to the Collaboration Room. All of the recording forms can be recycled through our building’s recycling program. DRA books, manuals, etc. will be recycled through the district.

Please continue to reach out for any IRLA questions/comments/concerns. I’m happy to work through any of that with you. I am also happy to work through the 2020 Standards with your teams, create unit plans, co-teach, co-plan, model lessons, etc., etc.

SpEd Collaboration Day is Monday, September 16th during your specials time!

Special Education collaboration meetings have been established to encourage and facilitate meaningful conversations that improve student level outcomes and to share a common commitment that students with a disability are college, career, and community ready.

Sped Collaboration Dates- 9/16, 11/18, 1/27, and 4/13 in the Main Office Conference Room

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Pre and Post Observation Questions: Click Here.

We have uploaded the documents we will be using for pre and post observation conferences into our "Evaluation" folder on our COT Team Drive. These are meant to help guide and focus are conversations; you do not have to provide a hard copy.

Hard copies of Math and ELA 2020 Colorado Academic Standards will be coming soon!

Create Small Learning Communities: CLICK HERE

An article titled Create Small Learning Communities with the Station Rotation Model worth reading

Just a reminder, applications for Foundation grants are due Sunday, September 15th at 11:59 pm. Details are below.

Below is information on the Foundation’s Educator Initiative Grants. Please share with your entire staff. The grants are a great way to inspire both students and teachers.

The Cherry Creek Schools Foundation office is excited to open the Educator Initiative Grants application process for the 2019-20 school year. Educator Initiative Grants (EIG) are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward creative and INNOVATIVE instructional approaches used to accomplish program objectives and enhance the learning experience of students.

· The link can be found at: along with some helpful information.

· Grant requests up to $1,000.00 will be considered.

· Any requests for computer hardware or software will be reviewed for compatibility with existing district technology.

· Grants are open to all district educators.

· Deadline for submission will be Sunday, September 15th at 11:59 pm.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for everything that you do for our staff and students.

Jill Henden, Executive Director


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Monday, September 16: Katie out all day - UIP Training

Wednesday, September 18: CCHS Spirit Bus, 1:30, PM Assembly Schedule, Wear your Blue and Red

Wednesday, September 18: Staff Meeting (MTSS/SpEd Referrals)

Thursday, September 19: Safety/PBIS Committee Meeting

Friday, September 20: Katie out all day - EPC

Friday, September 20: Run4Fund$ Prize Day

Friday, September 20: Run4Fund$ Spirit Day

Wednesday, September 25: Inclusive Excellence Committee Meeting

Thursday, September 26: Social Committee Meeting

Thursday, September 26: Cottonwood Creek Advisory Committee Meeting, 6-7pm, Innovation Space

Monday, September 30: Katie Out in the AM, Solution Based Leadership

Cottonwood Creek Elementary School