Three People in a Major Car Crash

Three people in a car crash two people dead, one in a coma

A pickup truck and a box truck were T-boned in the middle of an intersection. The box truck carried oxygen tanks.The box truck driver was on a hurry because he was forty minutes behind his schedule. Jimmy Chance (who was in a pickup truck) was killed right away. Roberta Chance (also in the pick truck) up died three hours after the crash in the middle of surgery. The driver of the box truck is in a coma for now. We think that he will be okay.
Jimmy and Roberta Chance had a child, the child is adopted her name is Willow Chance. She is going to a foster home, but she is staying at a family friend house . Pattie Nguyen and her two kids Mia and Quang-ha are sharing a apartment at the Gardens of Glenwood.

Jairo Wins $20,000 !

A man named Jairo won $20,000 he was the 1,000 customer shopping for collage books. They asked him what he was going to do with this money. He said ''I am going to use the money for my collage classes.''For right he is a taxi driver.
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