By: Rebecca L Bennett 7th period

Biome Description

There are two types of rainforest, a tropical and a temperate. A tropical rain forest is found close to the equator. If it is a temperate rainforest then it is close to a coast line in a temperate zone such as Pacific northwest of the united states, an it is endangered. It is home to over half the plants and animals on earth.

Abiotic factors

The Tropical rainforest is usually very humid because of rainfall. It gets about 250 cm per year due to being very hot and wet. temperature generaly stays between 70-80 F. The tropical rainforest has mountians, valleys flood plains, streams and rivers. The tallest mountian is the Pica Da Neblina

Temperate rainforest have two distinct seasons. One is long and wet, the other is short and dry. The average temperature is generally at 32 F, the amount of precipitation is between 30-180 mm. It contains small mountians and river plains. One rainforest is part of the Appalations.

biotic factors

Tropical: animals are small such as monkeys, birds, snakes, rodents, frogs, lizards. These plants never touch the soil, bromelaids and few ferns.

temperate: animals are beavers, raccoons, cougars, black bears, but most important elks! plants are moss and ferns

Ecological concerns or issues

rainforest are becoming endangered due to catastrophic events, fire, droughts, and storms, Human Impact, humans are chopping down trees