2015 Year in Review

Jackson G.

Three Companies that Marketed Themselves Best

  1. Apple marketed themselves extremely well in 2015. They came out with the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6s, the IPad Pro, a new Mac Book, ad the apple watch. They excelled in the music industry by releasing Apple Music allowing more people to listen to their favorite songs.
  2. Microsoft marketed themselves very well. In 2015 They had 79 games come out for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Fans had several sequels of their favorite games including Black Ops 3, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, Halo 5, Star Wars Battle Front, Assassins Creed Syndicate, and many more.
  3. Timberland's marketed themselves really well in 2015. There boots have been out for a while, but recently men and women have started the new fashion trend by wearing them everywhere. If you look around our school you are bound to see a pair of Timberland's boots anywhere you look. In 2012 Timberland's was going out of business, but they used market researchers to see what their customers liked the best about their brand and built off that

Best Products of 2015

  1. Just Cause 3
  2. IPhone 6s

Worst Products of 2015

  1. Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Road Chip
  2. Hoverboards

Best Movies of 2015

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Star Wars franchise waited over thirty years to release their seventh movie. kids of all ages, adults, and elders could enjoy the movie they have long been waiting for. A lot of people even went back multiple times. Opening weekend Star Wars brought in $1,512,708,942 worldwide.
  2. Inside Out This movie was talked about everywhere. Everyone was really excited to go see the new movie. It appealed to the kids and adults. Advertisements were posted everywhere you could see. People felt personal connections to problems going on in the movie. The movie was really funny and sad brought people back to see it again.

Top Music Artists of 2015

  1. Justin Beiber His new album "Purpose" came out and immediately became popular. He marketed the releases of his songs all over social media and went to many interviews to promote it. He talks about how he knows he has made some mistakes and people can relate because no one is perfect.
  2. Adele Her album came out and everyone was obsessed with her new song "Hello". She sold millions of copies in a couple weeks. Overselling Taylor Swift's Album "1985", released in 2014, in a couple weeks making it look like nothing.

Top Ten Video Games of 2015

  1. Assassins Cread
  2. Battlefield
  3. Batman: Arkham Night
  4. Below
  5. BloodBorne

My New Years Gaols

  1. Personal Improvement: Exercise more
  2. Family and Friends: Go out more
  3. School and the Outside World: Get a better grade in History