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Shop for great fountain, ball point and roller ball pens in the friendly town of Chester, NJ. The PenThing is located at 44 Main Street, Chester, NJ in the ImagiNations Boutique. PenThing carries a full line of LAMY and TACCIA pens for those who are interested in getting into the hobby of fountain pens. Along with pens, you will find some great inks from the Robert Oster line, as well as Leather notebooks from Story Supply. We carry a full line of Field Notes notebooks which are ideal for everyday carry. Along with pens we carry a full line of accessories like the Newton Pen Holder which is hand-made one of kind pen holder made of beautiful mahogany and walnut that comes in a 9 or 15 pen holder. These pen holders will look great on your desk!

Take your invitations and letters to the next level by embellishing them with the long held tradition of wax seals. The PenThing is carrying J. Herbin Brass Seal Stamps and Modern Day Sealing Wax which is approved for going through the mail. If you are planning on sending out invitations this makes for a really big WOW factor. Give me a call and find out how easy it is to get started with using wax seals in you next mailing.

If you are new to fountain pens make an appointment with Brian who can help you decide on a pen and help you get started.

44 Main Street

Chester, NJ 07930