By: Eric Johnson

What it is?

E-cycling is the recycling of computers and other electronics. This includes TV`s, cell phones, and computer parts. E-Cycling is short for electronic recycling. The average desktop computer holds 14 pounds of plastic, 4 pounds of aluminum and smaller amounts of arsenic, mercury and beryllium. E-waist counts for 40% of the lea in US land fields. Electronics are the least likely to be recycled.

Impact on the world

Electronics sometimes has dangerous chemicals in them. Some of the waist is shipped to other countries. Sometimes this shipment is illegal. Some of it also ends up in land fields close to our homes.

Economic Issue

The Economic issue is opportunity cost. By recycling we are giving up toxins in the water.

Things we can do to avoid this

  • Don`t replace electronics until you really need to
  • Choose products that will last several years
  • Companies are looking to reduce the toxins in their computers
  • Sell you stuff instead of throwing it away
  • Some stores will let you give it back to them to recycle
  • mail it back to the manufacture


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