This is Me

Hi. My name is Monica Brown. I am 12 years old.

Yes, I have cerebral paIsy but look past my physical disability and get to know some interesting things about me

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  • I love to laugh-people say I have a great sense of humour
  • I am a loyal friend-good social skills
  • I enjoy writing stories. I am creative.
  • I love animals- I have 2 cats and a dog
  • I see and hear well unlike many people with C.P.
  • My ability to think is fine but I have trouble speaking clearly


  • I use a power wheelchair to move about and need help to transfer in and out of it
  • I have limited use of my arms and legs- this affects my gross and fine motor skills but I still feel cold, hot, texture, and pain
  • I need help with everyday things such as eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, dressing/undressing and even changing positions in my wheelchair
  • Don't feel sorry for me- get to know the real me and be my friend

Accommodations- Instructional, Environmental and Assessment

  • Use of multi-sensory learning materials
  • Frequent breaks to re-position and promote comfort
  • Use of computer and augmentative communication system- speech generating device
  • Use of headphones as needed
  • Strategic seating near computer/devices
  • Allow time for responses
  • Peer or buddy tutoring
  • Mind maps
  • Alternative Settings- resource room
  • Choice of projects to demonstrate learning

Alternative Needs

  • Assistance of educational assistant with activities of daily living: transfers, toileting, dressing/undressing, eating
  • Opportunities for peers to understand about cerebral palsy and debunking myths
  • Arrangement of transportation to and from school using wheelchair accessible van or bus
  • Working with professionals: OT, PT, SLP for assessment and recommendations to optimize learning and self care as able
  • Development of peer or buddy system to promote social and communication skills

Alternative Control

  • Most of you use a keyboard or a mouse to control the computer but I need a different device because I have limited ability to move my arms and fingers. I use an alternative control called a switch. My Occupational therapist has selected a specially designed switch that relies on a motion sensor which allows me to use my computer.
  • Switches can be composed of a single button, a few buttons, a sensory plate, or any number of adaptive switches that are available; it may be touch-free, brain-activated, or a sip and puff mechanism.
  • Aside from simplifying input devices, switches can also be used as communication tools
  • Refer to: for more information about point that are considered when selecting the most appropriate devices and suppliers


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