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Letter to New Clients

Dear New Client of JT Law & Associates,

Before I began to explain to you how this process of taking your civil case to court will go, the JT associates and I would just like to welcome you to the JT Law family. My associates and I hope to make this new and maybe difficult experience as smooth as possible for you and your family. No matter what your civil case needs are we will work our hardest to get you everything you deserve and more.


Jewel Tinsley, Head Associate of JT Law & Associates

JT Law & Associates specializes in civil law cases. Civil law is a term that describes the body of laws of a state or nation regulating ordinary private matters, as distinct from laws regulating criminal, political, family or military matters. There are two sides to every civil law case, a plaintiff and a defendant. If you want to sue someone you are considered the plaintiff but if you are the person or group being sued you are the defendants.

If you would like to sue someone you are at the right place. Here at JT Law & Associates we will help you write up a wonderful and very detailed complaint that will be delivered to the defendant, or person you wish to sue. We will also deliver a wonderful pleading on your behave.

If you are a defendant don’t worry, we will still get the most out of the trial for you. You will know if you are a defendant if you have been summoned. A summon will most likely be sent to you in the mail or delivered in another obvious form.

Regardless of whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, after these initial starting processes the rest of the process is the same for both parties. Once the things I spoke about above have been handled there will be a pretrial conference, where the attorneys of both parties will meet and discuss before the actual courtroom proceedings. Before we go to court we also make sure that we have a preponderance of evidence so that we can have the most convincing case possible. When we do get to the actual courtroom proceedings, the trial can go several ways. If it goes smoothly without any major interruptions then we just wait for the jury’s verdict, which will hopefully be in your favor. If there are some interruptions or issues in the case then mediation might be required. To solve mediation there will be arbitration. After this scenario there will still be a verdict. If the verdict happens to not be in your favor, JT Law & Associates will work with you to see if there was any part of the case that went wrong or was not handled in the right way. If this happens we can ask for an appeal, and JT Law & Associates will be behind you through the whole process.

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