For sale- Dolphin Suit


Even Mike Tyson owns one! Look how stoked he is With his New Dolphin Suit.

The lack of knowledge we have about dolphins and the ocean could be acquired through this operation. Instead of using them for what humans want, we could learn to understand them, communicate with them, and live amongst them. We could also complete other missions using this suit because dolphins are rarely attacked and eaten by other things in the ocean. Multiple uses and one suit creates a better understanding of two different parts of the same world. We could have a better understanding of other animals within the ocean, and use the experience to later use with other animals.
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Now for the low price of 125.99

Completely Waterproof

A suit big enough to fit a human inside comfortably, able to understand echolocation and translate it, and turn around and speak your words back to the dolphins. The only downside to this mission would be that humans would eventually have to return to land to eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. Practically this is a robot dolphin, underwater, a human is inside of.

Who doesn't want a Dolphin Suit?