Friday Focus

Holy Name of Mary, December 7th, 2018

Prayer for the Second Week of Advent

Heavenly Father,

You are the God who gives peace. This second week of Advent, help us to remember that because of Jesus we can experience a Christmas free from turmoil and chaos. Regardless of our circumstances or our situations, you offer us peace and understanding.

Father, this second week of Advent, keep us in perfect peace as our mind is stayed on the truth of your powerful love. Thank you for your mighty, sovereign hand. Help us to trust fully in you and rest in the peace that you offer.


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Good Stuff

We love "treasure hunting" in your classes every week! There are always so many great things happening in every room and at every grade level. It is such a pleasure and a priviledge to get to watch you and your students in action. Keep up the great work!
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The Week Ahead

Monday, December 10th

  • Susan Newsham in to volunteer
  • Pascale out
  • IPRC @ 8:20 for EC
  • IPRC @ 8:40 for AV
  • Advent Celebration at 9:30 (Shannon's class)
  • IPRC @ 3:20 for AD
  • IPRC @ 3:40 for JB

Tuesday, December 11th

  • IPRC @ 8:20 for SD
  • IPRC @ 8:40 for CD
  • Karen B out (Anne Gallant)

Wednesday, December 12th

  • Sara H out (Jeannie Hendry)
  • Subway Day
  • Jillian out (Anne Gallant)
  • Julie out (Jenna Sweeney)
  • Special Education Team meeting @ 8:15am
  • IPRC @ 3:20pm KK
  • IPRC @ 3:40pm FR
  • IPRC @ 4:00pm AK

Thursday, December 13th

  • Central Leaders Meeting in Kemptville (Caroline & Pascale out)
  • Erin TIC
  • Catherine out (pm only) (Kelly Pawlikowski)
  • Christine Cox volunteering in the library
  • Pizza Day

Friday, December 14th

  • IPRC for KC @ 8:40am
  • Pascale out (pm only)
  • Liz B out (Natalie Holmes)