Library News

September - October

What's Happening?

DMS' Library Media Center has been a busy place this fall. We have switched over to a new calendar system, LibraryTrac, that allows faculty to self sign - up for the library independently via the internet. In addition, students can check into the library on their own. This allows us to monitor student usage of the media center.

While visiting the Library Media Center with their classes, students have been discovering a variety of new skills and tools. Some of these include EasyBib, Microsoft OneDrive, and Digital Citizenship lessons.

What's Popular?

Lunch in the Library Media Center

Students love to eat lunch in the library! An average of 40 students a day visit the library during lunch shifts when the library is open. Sixth and seventh graders clamor to eat and relax in the library during lunch times. What are their favorite activities? Hanging out with their friends, utilizing the computers, and perusing books are some of their most enjoyed past times. Check them out in action.

Did You Know?

Did you know that this year there have been 112 classes that have visited the library or that have had instruction with the Library Media Specialist? That means over a 1000 students have had instruction in the library media center. Students have learned about Cyber Safety, Digital Identity, EasyBib, Microsoft OneDrive, Databases, and much more. One of the great features of LibraryTrac is that you can actually see how the library is being used!
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Check Out the Baltimore County Public Library!

Did you know that we have a wonderful resource in Baltimore County Public Library? You can reserve books for your classes, give the library assignment alerts, get a teacher loan card, and much, much more! Check out the “Teacher Features” on their website!

Professional Development

Don't Forget to Check - Out our Professional Development Padlet. Just added is a brief tutorial on Microsoft OneDrive.