Crazy Kane Techno

"Where electronics are our future"


Crazy Cane Techno Is a place where you can learn new things!

You get to experiement with new electronics and learn about your own!

You will hear about the technologies that are going to be made for the upcoming future!

This will also look good on your college applications or job apps.

Would You Like To Know How Music Becomes Music?

Would You Like To Know How Your Phones Will Soon Talk To You?

You Want To Work On Stuff Like This? Check Out The Education Requirements For This Field And You Just Might Be Working On Things Like This!

Come Visit The Fair For More..

Crazy Cane Techno County Fair

Friday, July 11th, 5:30pm to Sunday, July 13th, 11pm

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, United States

Gainesville, FL

Come Find Out The Life Of Technology!

Be There Or Be Square!

There Will Also Be College Scholarships GIven Through A Special Raffle :)

Technology From The Past, Present, and FUTURE!


5:00 pm - Doors Open

5:30 pm - Introduction Speech

6:00 pm - Seminar

7:00 pm - Tour

8:00 pm - Dinner

9:00 pm - Documentary

10:00 pm - Raffle

10:50 pm - Dismissal

Any Questions?

Need some help? Interested? Well if you have any questions or concerns call us at our company with the number listed above. We hope you enjoy!