The Scientific Revolution


What was the change?

The Scientific Revoultion was a big change in the world,it was a new way to understand the nature of the world.There was many changes in medical fields as in scientificlly, They had new inturments to work with and be able to observe more closely about the planets and the human body.The change was helped by certain people like,Galieo,Newton,Capernicas,and kelper.They all comtributed to the scientifc Revoultiion discovering new methods and inturments that helped the change.

Who were the people associated with change?

There were many people associated with the change of the Scientific Revoultion.One person that was involve in the change was Galieo,he was the inventer of the telescope Galieo was involve in bulding this inturment thta scientist were able to use.Another person that helped was Newton he brought so many thoughts in one single theory of motion.Also Capernicus was another major person that helped he discoveresd that the moons and planets went around the sun.Last but not least a,another person that helped was Kelpar he was the one who discovered that the planets including eart go around the sun in circle orbit.All this people played a famous role in conturbiting into the scientifc Revoultion.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The change in the Scientific Revolution impacted the society in many ways.It brought many new technology as in inturments that could be used by people.It allowed people to undertstand more about the world and as well as the human body. also people in the scientific field were able to use the new intruments as a scientist.

How is that change evidenced in today's modern society?

There is edvidence in modern society by letting use know about the the scientifc method that is being used now bymany people around the world.Also by inventing the telesope we are able to see many things closely,they are being used all over by doctors and scientist right at this time.Now in modern day we have really used the old teconolgy used invented by Galieo.