Elvis Presley

Is he really the king of rock n roll?

How it all started

Elvis started his music career with "That's all Right Mamma" at sun studio in Memphis. People instantly loved him for his choice and difference to every other artist. He became know for his voice and his dancing.

Songs and Awards

Elvis's first song was "That's Alright Mamma" witch was the song that started his career. Over the 42 years of his life he had won 3 Grammy for his work. He was also put into 3 hall of fame including Rock n Roll Hall of fame, country hall of fame and, gospel hall of fame. He sold billions of records during his time. He also had had a #1 song for 6 months out of a year.

Background information

Elvis was born January 8 1935 in Mississippi and died August 16 1977 caused by a heart attack related to drug use. Elvis was a drug addict. at the age of 42 years old. His parents were poor when Elvis was growing up. Other than Elvis growing up to be one of the biggest name in music he also acted in 31 films as a actor.
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)