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ecological problem

Deforestation is an ecological problem that affects plants, animals and us humans; it also affects Costa Rica and all over the world.

What are the causes of deforestation?

There are many causes of deforestation in Costa Rica. For example mono crop farming. Mono crop farming Is when a farmer plants the same crops like teak,pineapple,palm oil and banana plantation.

Another possible cause is cattle farming. cattle farming is bad because we cut lots and lots of trees for cattle.

A final cause is real estate development. The rich are coming to Costa Rica and cutting trees so they have big houses and businesses to sell for money.

Effects of Deforestation

There are many effects of deforestation. First, we will have a loss of animals. So we have to save the animals and not hurt them more than we already have.

Additionally, fragmentation can happen. This is a problem because the animals will not be able to migrate.

A final possible effect is if we cut too many trees, we will die because there will be no air.

My Solutions

There are many possible solutions to deforestation. First backyard farming because it helps stop intensive farming.

In addition, we should make corridors. corridors is a line of conected trees to allow willd animals to migret. For example, Rancho la Merced is a cattle farm that uses intensive farming. This is a problem because it causes deforestation. The solution is to create biological corridors which is a path to connect the rainforest so it is not fragmented. I personally helped to create a corridor!

Finally, planting trees all over the world!

In my opinion, I think doing backyard farming is the solution.

I am part of the solution because I do backyard farming.

did you know

  1. Forests cover 30% of the earth's land
  2. It is estimated that within 100 years, there will be no rainforests.
  3. Agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation.
  4. One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second.
International Day of Forests 2020: Forests and Biodiversity


Deforestation hurts me because I will have no food



Deforestatation hurts me because it is taking my habitat.



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Earth Day!

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