Tech Tidbits from Your ITS {2016-2017 v.9}

New Instructional Tools

Be sure to check Frontline (formerly MLP) for upcoming PLP offerings. I recommend a BrainPOP or a Wixie session. Both are great tools for student use. There are also many classes on Google still being offered if you want more support with that!

Tech Tidbit Time

It's time for the first sessions of Tech Tidbits! You're invited to join me for Wixie immediately after dismissal on Monday (at Malibu in Room 22) and Thursday (at Windsor Woods in the Library).


Wixie gives students powerful tools to author a variety of performance tasks that demonstrate understanding. Wixie is the perfect canvas for today's digital learners, providing powerful tools to give them a new way to express their learning.

Wixie Introduction


  • Ms. Ramos, Ms. North, and Ms. Maurice were my first to embrace Wixie! Since it is new this year, they did not know what to expect with this cloud program, but their students loved coming to the computer lab and practicing patterns online! @WindsorWoodES

  • Ms. Ramos took Wixie one step further and is having her kids do their "W" words (who, where, etc) on Wixie and add pictures to help them remember what the word means. @WindsorWoodsES

  • Ms. Cameron is my FIRST class to jump on the back of a safari vehicle this year with SafariLIVE in South Africa. Students loved asking the safari guides questions, hearing their names said on the TV, and having their questions answered. @WindsorWoodsES

  • Ms. Dorn, Ms. Huggins, and Ms. Benshoff are leading the way with the DiscoveryEd Techbook boards. Together, we created boards for Matter, and they are now working on new boards during the Force & Motion Unit to demonstrate their understanding. @WindsorWoodsES

  • Ms. Cornwell has student leaders who are teaching ShowMe to the rest of the class. These students worked with me in small group to document angles around the school. The next day, they were the leaders of their groups to teach their classmates how to use ShowMe for real-world angles. @MalibuES

  • Ms. Benshoff and her class has gone beyond the four walls of the classroom and are on Google Classroom! Her class and I worked together to get them in Google, on Google Slides, and completing an interactive activity around Interactions with Virginia Indians. @WindsorWoodsES

  • Mr. Carmack is using his Google Drive! Not only is he saving work there, he's sharing his documents with the office. So glad I got to sit down and work with him to help him be successful with this! @MalibuES

  • Ms. Dyson and Ms. Hill are using their Google Drive thanks to Mr. Carmack! Since he is sharing documents with them, they needed to access their drive to see it! Working with them was a breeze to get them up and running! @MalibuES

Classroom Support: I'm Here to HELP!

Got some great instructional ideas that you just want to bump up a notch? Let me help! Ask me to join you for collaboration or even a one to one discussion and let's plan something together. I am eager to model, teach whole group, and team teach to support your instructional needs. I am also available to support small group facilitation. Catch me in the hall, email me or sign up for ITS Time on my calendar.

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu Elementary School

Windsor Woods Elementary School