Reading Smore

November 2-4

Everyday do this first!!!

Login to Moby Max through Clever on the EMIS resources page.

Choose Vocabulary and complete 10 minutes of Moby Max Vocabulary before you begin your learning contract!

1. All About Candy: find this in the folder beside the pencil sharpener

Read the two passages.

Take notes on each passage.

Now teach the teacher All About Candy by using Recap!

Go to the web addres listed below.

Sign up with Google+

Join the class using the pin below.

The question will pop up!

Click respond and then "allow" to begin your response.

You will have 2 minutes to complete your response.

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2. Study Island

Access Study Island through the EMIS Resources page under Clever!

Complete 10 questions for "Gathering Relevant Information."

This will be for a grade. Do at least 10 questions, but you can do more if you need to improve your score!

Play-posit: I survived the Titanic!

Access Playposit from the EMIS Resources page under Clever!

Many of you are already registered for my class.

If you are not my class code is: m98aef

Complete Chapters 1-4 by FRIDAY!