Thursday's Thoughts

March 8, 2018

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Many of you have expressed interest in tutoring your students. Please go ahead and determine the students that you feel will benefit the most from tutoring and contact their parents to ensure they can provide transportation and agree to let them stay. Keep your group small enough to really be able to give them intense, direct instruction. Let's shoot for two hours a week on the days that work best for you. When you have finalized your group, please send me an email with the names of the students you will be working with and the days you will be tutoring. I know that if we pack this hour full of strong instruction, we will make a difference!

Selling Items

We have had a few issues with students selling items to other students at school such as slime and Takis. This has been primarily in the upper grades. Please have a discussion with your students and make sure they know that they are not to bring items to sell at school and they should not bring money to buy anything from another student. Thank you!


When you go outside, please have your students help to keep our playgrounds clean by making sure they bring in all coats and pick up any trash they see on the playground. Thank you!

Blessing Box

Our Blessing Box has been a blessing to a lot of our students. The best part of this has been seeing students add "words of encouragement," hand-made bookmarks, and other items. Some of you have had your class create notes and place in them in the box which helps your students to really understand what this box means. Thank you! Some parents have donated items this week as well. If you have items to place in the box, please do so. Items go fast, but that is the purpose. We will continue to talk with our students about blessings in the weeks to come so that they truly understand the purpose of our Blessing Box.

March 16th

Next Friday is a PD day. This will be a day to work in rooms, map out the remaining weeks looking at your standards to ensure you are on track to cover them, analyze grades and MAP scores to plan for groups of students to ensure maximum growth, make some positive parent calls, and/or plan lessons.

Reading All-Stars

Next Friday, March 16th is the last day for the Reading All-Stars program. Remember that students only have to read 5 books in order to qualify for a free ticket to the Greenville Drive game where they will receive a t-shirt and a book. Please encourage your students to participate.

Permission Slips

Please make sure you receive permission slips back from all of your students for them to go see Jungle Book on the 22nd or 23rd. It is going to be AMAZING!

Upcoming Dates:

March 12th: 3rd grade meeting at 3:15

March 14th: 2nd grade field trip

March 15th: Spring pictures

March 16th: No school for students, PD day for teachers

March 19th: 3rd grade field trip, No Goalpost

March 20th: Spring Sing

March 21st: All 5th grade parent surveys due and Marley's baby shower :-)

March 22nd: K-2 to Jungle Book

March 23rd: 3-5 to Jungle Book

March 27th: Legacy Day, End of 3rd nine weeks

March 29th: House meetings, 3rd nine weeks house winner party

Happy Friday!