February 2016

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Educreation is a interactive whiteboard app that allows you to access images from Google Drive, Dropbox, and other locations to use as part of the video that you record using your voice to explain what is happening on the screen. The final video will be saved to the Educreation cloud and can be saved in other locations. Once it is saved to another location like Google drive it can be uploaded into YouTube, Google Classroom, or your website. It is a great tool to do an assessment or to create a tutorial. Consider giving it a try.

**The free version only allows one draft at a time to be worked on per account.**

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Educreation Tutorial

Educreations Tutorial: Getting Started
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Sway can be found when you log on to your Office 365 account and click on the grid in the top left corner. Sway is the newest tool that Microsoft has created for presentations. It is web-based and allows the user to import images, videos, text, files from Office programs, tweets to create the presentations. It allows you to remix the presentation until the user finds a presentation that they like. The Sway can be shared or left private. Students have access to this with their Office 365 accounts and would be a great way for them to present what they have learned.

Sway tutorials (scroll down a little)

Sway in Chrome Store

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What is Sway?

What is Sway - Microsoft Sway Tutorials
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Using Google Draw to Create Graphic Organizers

Wanting to use graphic organizers in Google but haven't figured out a way to do that yet? Eric Curts provides directions on how to use Google Draw to create the graphic organizers. Remember once you create the graphic organizer you can make a copy of it to save as a template for future uses and then upload your graphic organizer to Google Classroom or share with your students to uses for your lessons.

Prefer to look at templates before creating you can go here and here for templates and directions. Need help? Let me know.

Google Drawing Help Center


Creating a Graphic Organizer with Google Draw

Creating Graphic Organizers in Google Drawing
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Office Mix

Office Mix is a way to spice up your PowerPoints and make it more interactive. It is an add-in that allows you to record your voice, videos, digital ink, create polls, gather analytics, and viewable on any device. Here is an example of technology integration using Mix and Music. Consider using Mix the next time you open PowerPoint. It is an incredible tool to use.

Office Mix How-Tos

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Office Mix Introduction

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Google Forms - Updates and Uses

As of February 10th, the new Google Forms works with add-ons again and has new templates to use. You can even use your own logos.

Trying to think of other uses for Google Forms besides collecting information? Try using Forms as a pre-assessment, quick poll, creating a hook to start your lessons (ex. embed a video and have the students to respond to it), choose your own adventure, create a twitter board (mock twitter session - by Tammy Worchester Tang).

As always if you would like any assistance creating any of these please let me know.


New Google Forms Tour

A Quick Look at the New Google Forms

Tweeter Board Overview

Tammy's Tweeter Board

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