Discrimination against people

many people are afraid to say something or stand up.

Many people have been discriminated all over the world. They have the right to stop the discrimination and they could tell the people why they are doing that. many of the people are scared to say something but we have rights and that's why I am writing about this not only to show that you can tell them to stop but you have many rights and you should use them to protect your self.

How to stop discrimination

The way that you can help stop discrimination in your neighborhood is be equal to everybody no matter what race,religion,disability,or ethnicity they may have.We are all different and we shouldn't be the same because everyone is unique.For example if a family is leasing a apartment but is denied because of race you can call the authorities and they will make sure there is no problem.

They are an organization that helps people fight for their rights.

This organization helps people not get discriminated they help them no matter what race color they are. They have been helping people for a long time they care about every one and they are trying to make a difference where no one gets discriminated.