Number the Stars

By: Adrianna, Jack, Becky, Kristen, Chloe, and Russell

What was the world like what was daily life like + how was it different?

The world was a very dangerous place at this time in 1943. It was scary because there were soldiers on each corner. The soldiers at night time would come in the house and just start searching for people like jews and if they had the necklace of the Star Of David. The Nazis and Soldiers were very noisy they needed to know everything that was going on. They asked people a bunch of questions like…”where are you heading to” or “what is that”. All the jews were trying to escape.

Daily life was hard for them because they could hardly ever get out of there house. They were a bit scared that they were going to run into soldiers around the corner. The kids went to school but some kids had to take the day off if they were Jews. Because the soldiers could go into the school and look for the Jews.

Well it was very different than today like they used to use candles instead of light bulbs. Also guess what they even just walked places instead of using cars. These are all ways that explain what the world was like at this time what the daily life was like and how it was different.

Why does the author highlight certain events?

The author highlights certain events to show that it was an important part of the story. An example is when Annemarie’s dad tells Annemarie that the Nazis, a group of German soldiers are planning to take all the Jews and replace them somewhere else which is probably prison. It says,” Of course the Rosens are on that list along with many others. They plan to arrest all the Danish Jews. They plan to take them away.”The author highlights this part because it is an important part of the story. It’s also a part where things get intense. If they take the Rosens, Annemarie will have to leave Ellen and something bad could happen to the Rosens. Another part was when Peter gets shot. This part is important because Peter got shot in front of the public. Because of this, Annemarie learns how Lise actually dies and learns her secret. It says,” Peter had been captured and executed by the Germans in public square at Ryvangen, in Copenhagen.” Also, another part was when they talk about a package. A part of the text says, “ I want you to deliver this. With great importance. There was a moment of silence in the hall, and Annemarie knew that Peter must be giving the packet to Mr. Rosen.” The package is important because without it, the jews will not escape and the Danish resistance people will die and Annemarie and her family will also be in danger. The author highlights certain to show that they are important. No only the events are important, they are like a cause and there are many effects because of the cause of the event.

Who has the power? Why?

The group of people who had the most power was the Nazi soldiers. They had the most power because of World War 2 going on. They were trying to capture the Jewish citizens and put them in prison or maybe be even kill them. The problem connects to this because of World War 2 happening. Also the text that shows that the Nazi soldiers were searching for the Jewish people was on page #84,” The officer moved forward suddenly, across the room to the casket. Poor Great-aunt Birte, he said in a condescending voice.” In the book Great Aunt Birte did not really die they were staging the whole thing so the Nazi did not know that they were Jewish and get caught. That’s who has the power in this book.

How does the problem of the story connect to the setting

The problem of this story takes places in Denmark. So, the problem does connect with the setting because the Nazi soldiers was invading Jewish people’s home in Denmark. If they the setting was not in Denmark then this would of never happened. Also this story took place in the year 1943, which is during World War 2. World War 2 was the time that the Nazi were invading Germany. It was a very scary time. The setting has to do a lot with the problem.

How does the setting impact the characters

The setting impacts the characters because one part is how they have to keep secrets from the Nazi’s. One part that show’s this is when it says, “ Were the Rosens and the others there,then underneath, when I brought the basket?” This shows they have to keep secrets with hiding Jewish people underneath the boat to hide them from the Nazi’s. Another part that impacts the characters is having to deal with soldiers everywhere. One part that show’s this is when it talks about them stopping annmarie when she had the basket. “ The soldiers were looking around their eyes glanced behind her and scanned the bushes on the other side.” This show’s also they have to worry about soldiers guarding places. These ideas show how the setting impacts the characters in a big way.

How do characters relate to other groups? Who are the characters influenced by? Do the characters change?

The characters in Number The Stars do relate to other groups. They relate to Jews because Ellen and her family are Jewish. Also the characters relate to the Nazi because they are trying to find all of the Jewish people to punish them. The Johansens were hiding Ellen so if they were caught they all would be punished. I think all of the characters changed because all of them were scared in the beginning and then changed to brave. I think Annmarie was influenced by King Christian because he taught her to be brave.