Police officer

Alex Sobczak period 10

The career that I chose is a police officer. I think that would be a great job and I would get paid good money. I want to be a cop for the city of Chicago because they get paid the most in the state of Illinois.

Education needed to be a cop in chicago

  • Associate’s in or a Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice
  • Prepare to meet all application requirements, such as the physical fitness testing

Career Details

  • A Police Officer maintains current working knowledge of professional law enforcement methods, weapons, and applicable laws and regulations, and provides some training to other officers.
  • A Police Officer responds to emergency situations such as accidents, fires, natural disasters and acts of violence and aids the victims and those working to end the emergency.
  • Starting salary of $43,104, increased to $59,724 after one year and $63,114 after 18 months
  • The city of Chicago
  • Annual uniform allowance

  • Comprehensive medical, dental, vision and prescription plans;

  • Paid vacation, holidays and sick leave

  • Tuition reimbursement

  • Eligibility for home purchase assistance

  • Pension and deferred compensation plans

skills needed

  • Smart
  • Athletic
  • Leadership
  • Patient

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs

from being a chicago police officer you can make your way up to be the chief or even the FBI. It all depends on how you do your job. If your not a bad cop then eventally you could make your way up.