Shine Like a Star!

Mrs. Grimmett's Class News


I will be trying to send out this newsletter every week. There may be times that it does not get sent out, but I will do my best to get it out weekly.

In this newsletter, you will find an update on what we are working on in class, pictures of what we have done the past week, and upcoming events. I will try to keep the upcoming events updated so that you will be able to make plans as needed for school events. Make sure you also check your e-mails from Mrs. Flowers with school-wide information. Sometimes you may find information on it that I do not include in this newsletter as well as more details.

Important Dates


1 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!


8 - Personal Timeline Due (letter coming home this week)

8 - Scholastic Orders Due

10 - PTO Meeting

11 - Grandparents Breakfast

16 - Fall Pictures


1 - College Spirit Day! Wear your college t-shirts!

8 - PTO Meeting


15 - Open House

21 - Early Dismissal

23-30 - Red Ribbon/Bully Prevention Week

30 - Great Day of Reading

I will try to make dates available to 2 months. If there are any changes, I will update them as well.


Specials will be slightly different this year. Our kids will be going to PE 3 times a week and spending the other two days at either art, music, or the library. The class will not all be in the same location this year. Each student is assigned a letter and number and will go to their specials location based on that number. Please make certain that your child has shoes with them that they can wear for PE every day (put them in their backpack if you need to). Some children may be going to PE two days in a row.


We are currently working on establishing our routines and folders for Writer's Workshop. We are also discovering what writers write about. This will help us when we have difficulty finding topics to write about.

We have created out Heart Charts and will be adding reference pages to our Writer's Workshop folder this week, as well as learning the procedure for creating our very own books!


Last week we read a lot of fun books to help us get into the routine of our day. We have been practicing routines that we will use throughout the year for Reader's Workshop (stations and guided reading). So far we have introduced our Reader's Response Journal and our Art Station.

This week we will discuss schema and use our background knowledge to make connections to books we read. We will also be introducing our Listening Station and our class Library. As we practice each of our routines, I will also be pulling students for beginning of year testing. Once I have finished testing all of our students, we will be able to set up our small groups!


Last week in science we discussed what scientists do as well as tools that they use.

This week we will talk about safety in science and experience fun science experiments as we learn how scientists make observations! Look for some neat pictures next week!


Last week we began discussing graphs by talking about how we go home and our birthdays. We also created a graph about ourselves! Visit at open house to see if you can guess which graph belongs to your student!

This week we will continue to work on graphing. The students will be coming up with their own questions, collecting data, and making their own graphs!

Social Studies

Last week we discussed school rules and routines. We also created a class social contract to help us remember how we should treat our friends and how we would like to be treated. We came up with "affirmation" or statements that we can use to help our classmates feel better as well as discussed what to do if we felt that someone was breaking the class social contract.

This week we will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of people in our homes, school, and community. We will take a class tour of the school to help point out authority figures in our school and what their responsibilities are. We will also discuss public officials in our community, state, and nation.

Notes and Reminders

Please check and sign your child's communication folder each and every day.

School starts at 8:00, tardy slips are now being given at 8:01.

School ends at 3:25

All car riders need to remember their car rider color and number for dismissal. If you still need a car rider tag, please stop by the office to be issued one.

First Grade is able to have visitors for lunch on Wednesdays!

Please practice lunch numbers and car rider numbers with your child.

Don't get tripped up at school! Practice tying those shoe laces! Safety first! :)