Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

November 10th through 14th

Hello Friends! Another week has flown by. The lovely chilly weather has invigorated and energized us all! We completed a very fun writing lesson that combined our love of Junie B. Jones and writing. Each student was able to make a turkey and each turkey feather listed items that they were thankful for. These are hanging up in our classroom. Make sure you drop by so you can check them out! On display as well are our cans for the canned food drive! Thank you so much for your donations. We will still be collecting through next week. We finished up our math unit on geometry this week. Next week, we will start discussing fractions in our world and how to make them (pumpkin pie might make an appearance one day). In science, we are going into great detail on living and non-living things and the criteria for what makes something living. The students really enjoyed drawing a timeline of their lives, which showed how they grow, which is a criteria for being alive. I hope you all will be able to join us for our Thanksgiving feast next Friday! Please continue to be on the lookout for any information from our fabulous Room Moms.

Please be on the lookout next week for a field trip permission slip form to see The Nutcracker! One of our classmates will be dancing in it this year. Also, we will need parent drivers for this. You need to have been finger printed and have gone to the safe environment class to be able to drive.

Personal Update

I am sure that you all have read the email that Mrs. Bogataj sent out earlier today. It is with a sad heart that I let you all know that I will not be returning after Christmas break. This was not the original plan, and Rob (my fiance) received this news just recently. I was originally not supposed to be able to join him for his pilot training, but the Air Force has provided us with a new plan where we can begin our marriage together. Since he will be flying the Osprey, which is a Special Operations aircraft, he will often be gone throughout our marriage and this is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together before he begins deployments. I thank you all so much for your kindness and understanding. I have enjoyed every minute in this classroom and all of your children are precious and darling. I am positive that they will have a fabulous second half of the school year. Please let me know if you have any questions pertaining to this.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!