Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun

Reilly Gower

Family Tradition at Worlds of Fun

Each year before halloween my dad takes my sister and I to Worlds of Fun for the halloween haunt. My dads friends go along with their family and my sister and I also get to bring a friend.

Halloween Haunt

The Halloween Haunt is during the month of October at Worlds of Fun. During the day is just like any other day at Worlds of Fun. Around 7 at night there is a parade in the park with all the people the actors that are in the haunted houses. After the parade, all the actors go into the haunted house that they are acting in and all the haunted houses open. All around the park there are actors that aren't working in the haunted houses going around and scaring people that are just walking around the park. There are about 7 haunted houses.

What do I like about this trip?

I like this trip a lot because I love Worlds of Fun and I love going through the haunted houses at night. All my friends and family always have a good time together when we go there.

Would it be something I would do with my family someday?

This trip is something I for sure would love to do with my family someday. Why? Well, it's a fun trip to spend with family and friends. The halloween part is very creative and is a fun place for a family to spend time together at.