Thriving...Not Just Surviving!!

Are you sick & tired? Ready for change? It's time to THRIVE!

From survivor to Thriver!

Everyone in life has a story! This is mine ~ When I was 10 years old, I had rheumatic fever. It settled in my joints with swelling & inflammation, and I suffered with chronic & sometimes acute pain, for the next 34 years! I had no energy and rarely participated in any activity. I sat on the sidelines as a spectator. I had digestive disorders and due to a poor immune system, often felt sick. I'm so glad my story doesn't end here!! Toward the end of January, one of my husband's friends called him to tell him about this amazing product they had started taking called Thrive! His friend's wife (who had been one of my bridesmaids) had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago. After being on Thrive for 2 weeks, she was able to function pain-free! I was impressed! I had taken supplements all my life but had received little to no help from them whatsoever! I ordered my 30-day supply of Thrive, and couldn't wait for it to arrive!!! February 17, 2015, I began my 8 week Experience! 30 minutes after I took my capsules and applied my DFT, I could literally FEEL the energy! It was amazing! I had never felt that in my life! In just a few days, the swelling began to leave my joints and now they are down to normal size!! You can't fabricate real results!!! The pain is gone, the stiffness is leaving, and it feel so good to not have to live with chronic pain! I have clean sustained energy on a daily basis that lasts ALL day long! I never suffer from a mid-afternoon slump or wish I could lie down and take a nap! It's so good to not be tired anymore! I sleep well at night & wake up refreshed in the morning & ready to go!

Thrive is not a weight-loss program or a diet, but as an added bonus, I have lost over 4 lbs, and 2" around my waist! I feel like exercising now & toning my tummy after 3 pregnancies!! My skin tone is clearer with better texture, and I have such wonderful mental clarity! I thank the Lord every day for Thrive!! It is so easy take the Thrive supplements! When I get up in the morning, I take my 2 capsules on an empty stomach. About 30 minutes later I drink my ultra micronized lifestyle shake, and put on my DFT foam ~ the world's first wearable nutrition! The synergy of these 3 core products gives me incredible all-day long energy, mental clarity, pain management, metabolic support, etc.

I am no longer a Survivor! I am a Thriver, and I never want to go back to how I felt before I began my Thrive Experience!

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