5 Themes of Austin

By Hannah Frye

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The relative location of Austin, Texas is about 2 hours Northeast of San Antonio and approximately 4 hours Southwest of Dallas. This picture represents the relative location as it shows Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio on the map of Texas.

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When you look up "Austin, Texas" on Google, "Live music capital of the world" is most often what pops up. That is very accurate. Austin is a place that is very hip and fun. In this city, there is something going on every night that has to do with music. Every year, Austin holds the famous "ACL" aka "Austin City Limits Music Festival". Having events like this is what makes Austin so appealing to families, adults, and young adults. Austin is very diverse and you are always seeing new kinds of people. This photo is showing ACL a few years ago. As you can see, it is very happening with many diverse people. This photo represents Austin as a place because one, it shows the city itself, and also how many people these kind of events, such as ACL, can attract.

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Austin is located in Texas in the central region of the United States. Austin is the 11th largest city in the United States. Which is ironic considering how small it began. Austin as a city has grown tremendously and is getting bigger every day. It is known as the "Lone Star State." Austin is the cultural and economic center of the five-county Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area. The climate includes humid, dry, and hot summers and mildly cold winters. This picture shows a mural in downtown Austin. It depicts Lady Bird Lake, Capitol building, Texas flag, and many other things that represents Austin's culture.
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Lake Travis has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Vacant land in the Hill Country causes the movement of families in and the construction of new homes. Construction causes the movement of plants by bulldozing and the trucking in of new plants for landscaping. More people in a once unoccupied area cause the movement of animals away from fear and destruction of habitat.

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Human Environment Interaction

If you had moved to Austin from another state, there would most definitely be some things you would have to adapt to. When I first moved here, I was seven and was used to the "Florida way of life." It is very different in Austin then anywhere else in the United States. For example the climate is very different in Texas. When I lived in Florida I was used to weather in the mid 80º and 90º's. In Texas, weather is much different, with temperatures in the summer reaching 110º. The social interactions here are much different as well. When I lived in Florida it was very dangerous and talking to strangers really was not normal, but in Austin I've noticed that everyone is much friendlier. This picture is of a park in downtown Austin. I chose this picture because I think it shows all of the actual human interactions of Austin.