Virtual Resume

Karandeep Bhangal

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Academic Smart Goal

S - By the time I graduate I want to accomplish my goal of having a 90% average throughout my senior year of high school.

M - To make sure that I am precisely on track with my goal, I will use tests and mid-term reports to my advantage to monitor my success/average. I will recognize that my goal has been achieved after I get my final report card per semester and calculate my final average.

A - I will commit to coming home and reviewing my notes every day to make sure I understand the content being taught so when the time comes to have a test I will be ready to execute my knowledge gathered.

R – I need to obtain a 90% average by the time I graduate from the 12th grade because it will allow me a better chance at getting into my dream university.

T – To achieve this goal I must raise my average from 85%-90% within 2 years. To reach this goal I would need to work towards smaller goals. So to start off I would need to earn 2.5% higher average each year or 0.25% higher each month.

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Volunteer Smart Goal

S – By the time I graduate high school, my goal is to have completed 300 hours of volunteer work.

M- To make sure that I am on precisely on track with my goal, I will check in with the person who I am doing the volunteer work for to see if I am on track. I will also tally up hours each day to record and check for more conformation.

A – I must organize/clean my schedule to make time for volunteering so I can achieve my goal.

R - This is an essential goal because it gives me a greater chance of getting into my dream university and makes me feel better as a person who has done work within his community.

T - To reach 300 hours I must increase the number of volunteer hours that i have completed from 200-300 within 2 years. So for a smaller goal that means I would need to earn 50 hours in one years and 50 hours in the second.

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Future Job Resume

Karandeep Bhangal

365 Father Tobin Rd / Brampton, ON / L6R 0R4 / 416-456-7890/


  • A fellow registered member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, and EIC. A Civil engineer with several years of co-op experience working with Hamilton Mayer International as a project controls manager. Capable of working under any circumstances, and committed to providing high quality service, with focus on health, safety, and environmental damage. A hard working, inspiring person who looks forward to joining and working with fellow professional engineers to boost his knowledge and understanding of the field while trying to pay off students loans.


University of Waterloo- Waterloo, Ontario 2022-2024

  • Master’s Degree, Master of Civil Engineering 2022-2024
  • Academic Honours - Achieved over 80% - GPA 3.9 2022-2024

York University- Toronto, Ontario 2018-2022

  • Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) 2018-2022
  • Academic Honours- achieved over 80% - GPA 3.7 2018-2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School- Brampton, Ontario 2014-2018

  • Louise Arbour Secondary School, Brampton- OSSD 2014-2018
  • High School Academic Honors - achieved over 80% 2014-2018



  • Confident decision-making ability
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Out-standing leadership
  • Can speak two languages(Punjabi, English)


  • Excellent math and science skills
  • Ability to explain design ideas and plans clearly
  • Ability to analyze large amounts of data
  • Project management skills
  • Great computer skills/ability to operate a computer

Work Experience

Hamilton Mayer- Project Control Manager- University Co-op 2018-2022

· Manage and supervise projects

· Control staff

· Prepare monthly control progress report internally and externally

Volunteer Experience

  • Volunteers with KarmaGrow ( Brampton community garden project

that grows food and then donates it to local food banks) 2023-Present

  • Participated in helping the local food bank with sorting donated food 2020
  • Participated in numerous community leagues, (soccer league) 2013-2018
  • Worked/finished 207 volunteer hours with multiply individuals- (Raj Grewal

former Liberal MP and Ms. Ryan - former high school science teacher) 2014-15


  • Professional Engineer certification of Canada 2024


  • Recognized Institution of Civil Engineers member 2023-Present
  • Recognized member of the Engineering Institute of Canada 2023-Present

· University of Waterloo Academic Honours - achieved GPA 3.9 2022-2024

  • York University Academic Honours- achieved GPA 3.7 2018-2022
  • High School Academic Honors - achieved over 80% 2014-2018


  • Sports- soccer, hockey and mixed martial arts
  • Documentaries
  • Learning
  • Infrastructure/building


Raj Grewal

Former Liberal MP/ Brampton East

416 789-2234

2021 Williams Pkwy. E, Brampton, ON

John Smith

Coach- former soccer coach- 2012-2014


123 Fernforest Drive, Brampton, ON

Dr. Federico Rosei

Department of Chemistry Head- York University


4700 Keele St, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

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Challenges and Solutions

Challenge One

One challenge a civil engineer must face while working on the job and at home is the pressure to deliver faster. As the delivery time is shrinking and the pressure to build projects faster increases, this puts enormous pressure on the engineers working on the project. With this time shrinkage, it forces the engineers to build projects faster while also thinking about safety. This is a real challenge that I am going face at the work place because this is a problem that every engineer faces throughout their career and most likely I am going to face it too. One way to combat this problem would be to try to limit the amount of work put on you. You could use time management to your advantage. There are many resources that may help many engineers with this problem. For example, many companies offer benefits which allow you to go on paid vacation. A vacation is a great way to escape the pressure of the job and seek new ways to find alternative methods to finish a project. It is always a great idea to use your benefits and take breaks from work because too much of anything is never good.

Challenge Two

A second challenge a civil engineer may face on the job is the lack of communication between other professionals civil engineers. With civil engineer's under more scrutiny than ever, they seriously need to talk and communicate between each other and not just think about themselves. This problem is really relevant because nowadays people just think about themselves and what's best for them and not for the team and may affect me too, so one way to combat this problem in the future is to encourage other engineers to join fellow groups. By joining groups, for example the Institution of Civil Engineers, it allows engineers to talk in between each other and discuss plans. By joining groups it also allows for engineers to also ask for help in certain situations. It is always a amazing idea to communicate within the community because of numerous reasons. At the end of the day communication it the key to success.