How Teen Dating Affects the Future

By Malachia Dabeck

Teenage years are most of the hardest years. It is when grades start counting, your hormones are like roller coasters, and most of all you start dating.


In and Out of Love

Break ups are a big deal but they are needed a lot. Being broken up with is worse if its unexpected. When the breakup happens someone has usually been wanting to break up for a while and they just didn't know how to do it and the person it happens to either usually gets depressed or gets really flirty and frisky. so this sometimes changes their life for a little bit. Maybe the girl/boy will not talk to their friends or anyone and wont want to talk about anything but eventually it calms down and they get over it. (
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Needed in a Good Relationship


To prevent the break up a healthy and well put together relationship is highly needed. the two most important things in one are trust and respect. Trust is huge because if there is no trust in the relationship then someone gets to clingy and it just gets annoying. Also if someone were to cheat one the other person in the relationship that could loose the trust of that person entirely and most likely will lead to a break up. (
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Also respect. Respect is something that is needed with any relationship like just a friend or a parent or teacher. But with a dating relationship it is most important because if a boyfriend and girlfriend are in a conversation and one doesn't like what the other as talking about you just sit and listen anyway because that is just the polite thing to do. One thing to always remember with anyone is to treat others the way that you like to be treated. If a relationship is a healthy one then it might go on the later in ones life maybe not the their still together but they might have learned a lot from it with things like people skills and problem solving. (
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Only 1 in 5 people actuly reprt if they have been event the least bit abused in a relationship. This is a topic not many people want to talk about because their afraid that the other persont will either leave them or hit or beat them worse. This happens to more people than people think and it can happen to anyone. (

What is it?

Abuse has many different styles and ways. One is Physical, this includes hitting, kicking, slapping, things like that and making one become sexually active before they are ready. There is also mentally and this is a lot easier to do in this day and age because of Facebook, Twitter, ect. This is not alright! Some things that people have been doing to their significant other can be a crime and can get fined or even put in jail. (
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Masculine or feminine

Weather a boy or a girl it the one being abused neither on is right at all, but typically it is the female that is the victim. Teenage boys are more typically angry and feel like they have more control.