November 2014


The QAR (Quiet Academic Room) has been up and running since the middle of October. We have seen students use this room for make up testing as well as studying for tests and silent reading. As we approach finals, we anticipate that the room will continue to be used by more and more students.


Mrs. Anderson's World History used Easy Bib and Turn it in while working on their version of the French Revolution. They used the Gale Virtual Reference Library and History in Context to gather the information they needed to complete the assignment.

Mrs. Podany and Mrs. Gyswyt brought their Physical Science classes in the conduct a PHet Simulation using the LMC computers.

Long term sub Mrs. Sippel brought in her Honors Biology students to begin their yearlong research project. This month they worked with Science in Context to learn about those areas that they might be interested in exploring further. They will ultimately need to create their own experiment.

Pre-Calc teachers Ms. Potter, Mrs. Finical and Mrs. Kinkelaar brought their classes to the library to work on a cost of living project. We discussed how to find current and reliable information on everything from entry level salaries to buying used cars and renting apartments. Some of Google's advanced tools proved to be very helpful for this assignment.

Mrs. Strieby's Field Science students are working their way through the research process. This month they used our science databases to gather information on their topic. We created Easy Bib accounts for each student in order that they can collect and maintain a reliable bibliography of their work.

Mr. Butcher's Jewelry classes came in for inspiration, looking at selected museum and designer websites to find ideas for their final projects.

Spanish 3.5 taught by Mrs. Hillen spent some time working with us to develop movies to present information on notable Spanish individuals. The students used WeVideo, iMovie and Movie Maker to complete their projects.


The LMC staff continues to work hard checking out class sets for ELA classes. This month, 9 classes checked out new novels for December.

The staff is also busy weeding the reference and non-fiction areas of the collection.

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