Sirmilik National Park

Nunavut Territory, Canada

Courtney Linn

Physical features

There are high sea cliffs, glaciers dropping into the sea, breathtaking mountains, and deep fjords.

Wild life

There are over 50 species of birds, five species of seals and four species of whales, and walruses, are also found here In the Sirmilik National Park.


The vegetation in Sirmilik has adapted to the harsh climate. In Sirmilik they have low growing herbs and shrub-sedges, saxifrages, and willows Dryas and Arctic poppies are common. The arctic willow is the tallest tundra plant.

Special things to do in Sirmilik!!

Visitors can visit the park by dog sledding, snowmobiling, and cross country skiing. Locals from Pond Inlet or Arctic bay can take you to the park.
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