D34 Library Media Department

December 2015

It's December!

The D34 Library staff would like to wish you a very happy and joyous holiday season!

We are here to help you gather materials for research topics, or we will gather books or magazines that will enhance your classroom lesson or we'll even create a book baskets on a specific topic. Ask! If you need help with a website or database? Ask! Need Amy to create a pathfinder? Ask! Need space to spread out? Ask! Need a Promethean Board? Ask! Need an extra hand? Ask! We have a wealth of resources for all your teaching and learning needs.

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We have books and articles to enhance the learning of these December Holidays & Celebrations

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We have December QR Code Stories!

Our December QR Code Stories are available for a one week check out. We will have 10 available at our K-5 schools. Ask your library media assistant for more information!
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My Stache of Books Bags

Each K-5 Library now has some "Stache" Bags to help you transport your guided reading materials to and from the library. They books often get mixed up in our return bins. Please help us by returning the books back in the bags.