Castle Chaos

By: Brooklyn Perkins, Nick Howard & Atleigh Brannon

The Play that Tells it All

7:00 tonight in Elsinore's throne room a play will be presented. The actors say tonight's version will have a little twist to it. Prince Hamlet could be the inspiration. We hear he has gone mad. You may get a glimpse of him if he shows himself tonight. Come see the arising action!

Castle Gone Mad!

Ever since King Hamlet passed away, Prince Hamlet has gone mad. Many things could have set this off. Could it be his love for Ophelia, his Mother's new marriage, or his fathers death?


The New King

After King Hamlets death his brother, Claudius takes the throne. Not only does he take the crown of royalty, but Queen Gertrude. They have fallen madly in love in a short period of time. One o'clock in the ball room there will be a royal dance and feast celebrating the new crown. King Claudius is also having new jewels imported for the queen. These will be presented at the ball.

Romance in the Air

The fair maiden Ophelia has caught the eye of Prince Hamlet. Her father Polonius likes the idea of his daughter becoming a Queen someday. Hamlet has written Ophelia many letter expressing his love to her. Rumor has it that she is accompanying him to the Royal Ball. We may have wedding bells in our near future.

Celebration of a New King

Wednesday, May 11th, 1pm

Ball Room, Elsinore Castle

This celebration will be honoring the King and his new throne. Dinner will be served and dancing and other festivities will be present. All of the town is invited. Bring gifts for the Royal family.