Safe on Campus

Evening Class @ OAKLEY PARK Elementary - Gym

Statistically women are in the greatest danger twice in their life, when they are going to college and when they are senior citizens.

The most common crimes against women are easy to avoid if you know how to recognize the warning signs and you know what to do. Learn “real world” self-defense for every day people from an instructor who has been teaching self-defense in colleges since 2003.

Simple skills that are easy to learn and remember, and that have a proven track record of saving lives. I’ve taught thousands of college students how to protect themselves, and I’ve worked with hundreds of women who have been victims of crime. I have the experience to keep your college student safe. My students have defended themselves. Don’t let a lack of knowledge negatively change a life.

Mom, dad, the safety of your college student is worth a 2-hour class. When it’s your

child, demand the best.

Monday, July 23, 2018 from 6:30pm-8:30pm - OAKLEY PARK Elementary - Gym

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Monday, 7/23

Location: Oakley Park Elementary - Gym

Fee: $35